About once.to

General information about our service

once.to is arguably the youngest player on the link shortener/redirector market, but with a strong ambition to become the number one choice for the job.

Our team is working hard to grow it into the best-of-breed link shortening engine ever.


For starters, it’s blazing fast and beating all the records. once.to is simply as fast as any software can ever be.

This is achieved by utilizing Go as our primary backend language. Go is best known for its high performance and multiprocessing capabilities, as well as versatility and safety.

Check out our latest performance report, where the figures speak for themselves.

URL shortener performance comparison


Perhaps not obvious, but far not every link shortening service offers a free plan — once.to does.

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Here’s a brief overview what once.to is capable of:

But there will be much, much more. Our roadmap is quite long and includes lots of features, both available elsewhere or unique.

Some noteworthy ones are:


Refer to once.to’s timeline for all the major milestones.

Stay tuned for more!

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