Domain holds information about a custom domain, which hosts short links.


idstringUnique domain ID
ownerIdstringID of the user owning the domain
namestringDNS domain name. Once registered, cannot be changed
descriptionstringRemarks for the domain
rootRedirUrlstringURL to redirect to from the root. If not given, will redirect the user to
notFoundRedirUrlstringURL to redirect to when the requested slug is not found. If not given, will redirect to’s 404 page
defaultbooleanWhether the domain is the default one. Only a confirmed domain can be set default
confirmedbooleanWhether the ownership of the domain has been confirmed
confirmTimedatetimeDomain confirmation date/time
createddatetimeDomain creation date/time
certReadybooleanWhether the SSL certificate for the domain has been successfully provisioned
certReadyTimedatetimeDate/time when the SSL certificate was provisioned
clickCountintegerNumber of clicks on the links of this domain that resulted in a successful redirect