ShortLink holds information about a short link, which redirects to another destination URL.


idstringUnique link ID
ownerIduuidID of the user owning the link
slugstringLink slug (back-half)
domainstringDomain this link will redirects at. If empty, redirects on the service’s own domains (
targetUrlstringURL to redirect to
titlestringOptional link title
activebooleanWhether the link is active
customSlugbooleanWhether the slug has been explicitly provided by the user
botClicksbooleanWhether to register clicks by bots
startsdatetimeOptional link start date/time
expiresdatetimeOptional link expiration date/time
passwordstringOptional password to access the link’s target
statusCodeintegerHTTP status code used during the redirection. If not provided, defaults to 301/302
createddatetimeLink creation date/time
clickCountintegerNumber of clicks on the link that resulted in a successful redirect
lastClickeddatetimeDate/time of the last click on the link