Export your links and domains

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Photo by Nick Youngson/CC BY-SA 3.0/Alpha Stock Images.

Yet another long-awaited feature has landed in data export.

From now on you can easily export all your data into a CSV file. You can also export only a subset of it by applying a filter.

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Link tags

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Humans are highly organized beings. Well, at least, some of us are.

My wife for one loves sorting stuff into dedicated, labelled boxes. She claims it’s just easier to handle things when they are organized. And, comparing our experiences, rightly so!

That’s why we are introducing link tags: arbitrary labels that you can add to your short links to be able to find and group them easily.

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Canned targeting rules

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Photo by Светлана Химочка/Pixabay.

According to our polls, most people are interested in very straightforward targeting rules, such as:

  • Redirect iPhone users to Apple App Store;
  • Redirect Android users to Google Play Market;
  • Redirect mobile phone users to the mobile version of the website, etc.

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Eventful links

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Photo by Christian_Birkholz/Pixabay.

Sometimes you just can’t help being curious.

Why are oranges round? Why is the universe expanding? Why didn’t you invest all the money you had in AAPL 30 years ago? And what is that red button labeled DO NOT PRE💥

Anyway, you may ask yourself who is clicking your short links right now — the kind of curiosity we appreciate. That’s why we’ve introduced a new tool in called Event stream!

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One Year On: Meet Teams

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Today is a big day for us: it’s been exactly one year since we announced our first publicly available beta version!

A lot has happened since: we sustained scammer attacks, added rule engine, password-protected links, social login, UTM parameters, and dropped the “Beta” label on July 1st.

You haven’t heard from us lately, and there’s a good reason for that it. Boy we’ve been busy!

Today, on our first anniversary, we’re proudly announcing the Teams functionality in, making it fully suitable for business use.

It’s a major milestone in the evolution of, which comes with a whole bunch of other improvements.

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Make clones not war

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Image by Andrew Martin/Pixabay.

Have you already built your perfect short link, with a bunch of UTM parameters and a zillion of smart rules?

Creating and properly configuring a short link can require quite an effort and be time-consuming. And whenever you need to create another, a very similar one, you have to start over again. Annoying, innit? Error-prone, too.

But we hear you! Starting today, any link can be easily cloned, allowing you to modify just the bits you want and to keep the rest as it is.

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Side that bar: navigation unified

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Image by Mocho/Pixabay, with alterations.

As our world’s best link shortener picks up in popularity, we’re observing an ever-increasing share of users accessing our web application using mobile devices: tablets and, mostly, mobile phones.

That’s why we invest heavily into improving overall experience for this vast user group — and today we announce a number of major enhancements to the application navigation.

Meet the new sidebar and responsive tables!

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