Shall we start over again?

Sometimes you just need to undo all you’ve done and start over again, from scratch. From a blank slate. A tabula rasa.

It may not always be possible (hardly ever is, actually), but at least we at have you covered!

You can now manually reset any link’s statistics and wipe the gathered data out of existence.

Why reset?

There may be various reasons why the link’s statistical data must be reset.

When you’re sure you will not ever need the gathered data again, all you need is to open the link and press the Reset stats button.

The Reset stats button in Link details.
The Reset stats button in Link details.

Once it’s clicked and confirmed, the following will happen:

Final words

We’d like to emphasize the statistics reset action cannot be undone: once it’s executed, the data is irretrievably lost. Use it wisely.

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