Taming time

It’s been about nine months since the first brick has been laid into the foundation of once.to — and almost three since we entered the public beta.

Our policy has always been openness and transparency, which is why we’re presenting our timeline page today!


At the risk of coming over as complacent, we are really proud about the impressive pace of our development. In this relatively short while once.to has taken off and is steadily gaining functionality, publicity, and audience.

To visualize all the major achievements we’ve set up a dedicated timeline page, which will closely follow the actual development of our product.

See the timeline

At the moment of writing, the timeline looks as follows (click to enlarge):

The current (June 2021) timeline of once.to.
The current (June 2021) timeline of once.to.

Out of Beta

In a few days once.to will come out of beta as we deem the service stable and mature enough to qualify for production use: the transition is expected to happen on July 1st, 2021.

This change won’t, however, result in changed experience or operation; it should mostly be limited to an updated logo.

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