Zapier integrations and API

An amazing news: we have just landed a new connector for Zapier! is now open to integrate with 5,000+ applications listed on the Zapier platform.

This became possible thanks to another bit of new functionality, the API keys.


Zapier integrations

The new Zapier connector (currently in Beta) allows you to automate short links creation based on any trigger available on the platform, such as RSS, Instagram, or Twitter.

Instagram + integration on Zapier.
Instagram + integration on Zapier.

Just select the desired trigger, then feed the collected URL as input for the Create Short Link action.

Even better, the result of the action — a short URL like — can be used for a downstream action. For example, to post it to your LinkedIn page.

Feel free to become our beta-tester!


As of today, we make our public API officially available!

Our clean, simple, and powerful API is capable of doing a lot of things. Not all of them are available at once, but our collection of available API endpoints is bound to grow.

API keys

Last but not least, both of the above (Zapier and API usage) will require you to make at least one API key.

It’s a free feature available to any registered user in their Profile:

API key manager.
API key manager.

Refer to the related KB article to learn more about API keys and the key manager.

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