Expanding Event Streams

A while ago we’ve presented the Event stream, a unique feature that allows you to fulfil your curiosity and observe how your short links get clicked, in real time.

Today, we’re expanding the Event stream tool by allowing you to engage it for a specific domain or even an individual link!

Beautiful streams in Iceland by David Mark/Pixabay.
Beautiful streams in Iceland by David Mark/Pixabay.

Domain Event Stream

When you open the Domain details page, you now can scroll down to reveal the Event stream for that domain:

Event stream in Domain details.
Event stream in Domain details.

Its functionality is exactly the same as its account-wide counterpart, only it will show you up to 20 latest clicks for that specific domain.

Clicking on a table row will bring you to the corresponding link details.

Similarly, if you go to any link details and scroll down, you’ll now see the Event stream table for that specific link.

You can click on Refresh to update the table and see if there were any new events (which will appear at the top of the table).

Free feature

This is a free feature available even to our Free plan users.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

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