Create expiring or future short links with Zapier

At a request by our customer we’ve added a new cool feature to our Zapier integration: the ability to create future or expiring short links!

New version

From now on — as of the version 1.3.0 of our Zapier integration to be precise — you can automate the creation of links having start or expiration date (or both). It’s as simple as setting the appropriate value in the corresponding field:

Starts and Expires properties in’s Zapier action.
Starts and Expires properties in’s Zapier action.

On the screenshot above you can see that we have added two pairs of properties:

The date/time fields accept a fixed date in the RFC 3339 /ISO 8601 format (such as 2024-01-17T12:33:21+01:00), or any other value that Zapier understands, such as +7d (meaning “seven days from now”).

The seconds fields take a number of seconds from now, which is sometimes easier when you automate things. For example, 604800 for the same “seven days from now”. This field gets ignored unless the corresponding date/time field is empty.

Does that save time?

Yes it does! Quoting our customer:

You’ve saved me 5 minutes a day over the long run.

Pretty neat huh?

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