On the subject of QR codes

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Photo by Xavier Turpain/Pixabay.

These days you find QR codes everywhere: in brochures and newspapers, on clothes and kitchenware, on walls and windows, and even on lawns. Some of them are neat and small and some huge and unwieldy.

Did you ever ask yourself why that is?

Well, the explanation is quite simple. The number of “pixels” in a QR code depends on two things: its content and the error correction level applied.

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Shall we start over again?

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Photo by Werther mx/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes you just need to undo all you’ve done and start over again, from scratch. From a blank slate. A tabula rasa.

It may not always be possible (hardly ever is, actually), but at least we at have you covered!

You can now manually reset any link’s statistics and wipe the gathered data out of existence.

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Smart links and link rules

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Photo by Lennart Bruchhaus/Pixabay.

URL shortening will never be the same.

Today we at announce a massive feature that has just been rolled out: smart links!

This new feature opens limitless possibilities of tailoring the behaviour of your short links to your needs. From now on, you can choose the destination URL based on the visitor’s country, browser, device type, language, and other characteristics.

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Hello, World’s fastest link shortener

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Even though it’s April 1st, I have some serious story for you today! It’s about what I’ve been up to for the last six months, which has been a pretty busy, interesting, and eye-opening time for me.

Long story short: we at Yktoo Solutions are busy building the best link shortener in the world, which we called

Do read on for intriguing details explaining what that is and why it is so fascinating.

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