Exporting links and domains

You can download your links and domains as a data file

Free Feature

Sometimes you need to download all or some of your short link or domain data. For example, to print it out as a spreadsheet, to perform some analysis, or to, God forbid, migrate to another service.

This can easily achieved by using the Export function in the Link Manager (a.k.a. “My links”) or the Domain Manager (“My domains”) action menu:

Link Manager action menu.
Link Manager action menu.

Export formats

The following export formats are currently supported:

CSVMS ExcelPlain-text format using , as a field separator and " as a quote character.

Filtering the results

When you choose an Export action, you can control what exactly gets exported by using the filter (displayed when you click the button). The resulting link set contains rows that you see in the table, except that it’s downloaded in bulk, without pagination.

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