Default domain

How to set a domain as the default for link operations

This article assumes you understand shortener domains and what they are used for.

Any confirmed connected domain can be designated as the default domain using the corresponding switch in the Domain Properties dialog.

Domain Properties dialog and the Set as default switch.
Domain Properties dialog and the Set as default switch.

What is default domain?

Only one domain can be set as default amongst all your domains, so any other domain’s default status will be cleared.

If you have a default domain, it will be used as the initial selection for shortening links on the main page, in your Dashboard, and when making a new link using the Link Properties dialog.

It will also apply when you use the Shorten! bookmarklet or a browser extension.

Removing the default status

You can also unset the default domain by turning off the switch.

When there’s no default domain, all links will be initially set to be created without a domain. In other words, they will be created on’s standard domain

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