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    • Shall we start over again?

      Sometimes you just need to undo all you’ve done and start over again, from scratch. From a blank slate. A tabula rasa. It may not always be possible (hardly ever is, actually), but at least we…

    • Smart links and link rules

      URL shortening will never be the same. Today we at once.to announce a massive feature that has just been rolled out: smart links! This new feature opens limitless possibilities of tailoring the…

    • Password-protected links

      Another feature landed in the once.to web application: short link passwords. By assigning a password to a link you can now limit the audience that can use it.

    • Dashboard improvements for small screens

      once.to dashboard has got a small facelift which makes it a bit easier to manage on a small screen, like a mobile phone. This is how the Dashboard looked like previously on a narrow screen:

    • Ignoring bots in short link statistics

      A new feature has landed in the once.to web application: an option for ignoring clicks from bots in link statistics. What is it useful for?