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    • Bookmarklets: short link in a click

      We proudly announce our first browser integration: the so-called bookmarklets. A bookmarklet is a specially prepared bookmark for your browser that, when clicked, submits the page you’re…

    • URL Explorer

      A brand new tool has landed in once.to: the URL Explorer, a unique combination of power and simplicity that allows anyone to unveil what’s hidden behind the scenes of browsing! Even better, the…

    • Redirect unwrapping & Abuse reports

      August is here, and we’re back with a couple of improvements to safeguard once.to’s users against scammers. This comes as a follow-up to our previous post, which highlighted the issue of…

    • Use Them Man! UTM parameters and their friends

      UTM parameters are ubiquitous on today’s Internet. You must have seen those awkward-looking tokens like utm_source and utm_medium in URLs you came across. They are so popular that they’ve…

    • Maintaining the HTTP status quo

      Short links have just got better! If you’ve been in the short-link business a while, you must have heard of things like permanent and temporary redirect. Those who are good with numbers can also…

    • Smart links and link rules

      URL shortening will never be the same. Today we at once.to announce a massive feature that has just been rolled out: smart links! This new feature opens limitless possibilities of tailoring the…

    • Password-protected links

      Another feature landed in the once.to web application: short link passwords. By assigning a password to a link you can now limit the audience that can use it.

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    • HTTP status codes

      What are HTTP status codes, what they mean, and how to change the code used for redirects

    • Password-protected link

      How to create a link with a password and what is it useful for

    • QR codes

      When you shorten a URL, you get a QR code for its short version, for free

    • Smart link and link rules

      All about making smart links, link rules, and the rule editor

    • URL Explorer

      What is URL Explorer, what is it for, and how to use it