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On shepherding domains

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Photo by Jeen Jager/PxHere.

If you own a flock of shortener domains, it’s often the case you mark a special one out of them; you love it and use it for most of your short links.

Here’s a good news: today we announce the so-called default domain setting, which will allow you to express your feelings for your favourite!

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Make clones not war

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Image by Andrew Martin/Pixabay.

Have you already built your perfect short link, with a bunch of UTM parameters and a zillion of smart rules?

Creating and properly configuring a short link can require quite an effort and be time-consuming. And whenever you need to create another, a very similar one, you have to start over again. Annoying, innit? Error-prone, too.

But we hear you! Starting today, any link can be easily cloned, allowing you to modify just the bits you want and to keep the rest as it is.

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Side that bar: navigation unified

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Image by Mocho/Pixabay, with alterations.

As our world’s best link shortener once.to picks up in popularity, we’re observing an ever-increasing share of users accessing our web application using mobile devices: tablets and, mostly, mobile phones.

That’s why we invest heavily into improving overall experience for this vast user group — and today we announce a number of major enhancements to the application navigation.

Meet the new sidebar and responsive tables!

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